[DETAILED GUIDE] – How To Survive In Shark Attacks

Have you ever experienced the situation that you are surfing in the sunset and you are the last person in the water? You are unable to see very far because everything is turning dark because of sunset. If something unimaginable happens then not even a single life guard is there to save your life.

At the very moment, you felt like something is moving around or its just your mind that is playing tricks with you. Then again horses starts running in your mind and your imagination become wilder. As you see dolphins usually in your neighborhood so you are not afraid of them that at sudden a thought came to your mind, Sharks loves to feed at night. With a small pause, you start paddling towards shore waiting for the next wave that can ride you up to the shore.

Thought there is very rare chance that you have to face this sea giant while surfing. The probability of facing a shark attack is one in a million which is not so scary. You can be that one person but more probability is you will be in the remaining peoples.

Encountering a shark is like a nightmare for any surfer. It can prevent many surfers from surfing. Maximum of the surfer doesn’t have any fear about the shark attacks. You can even die in car accident, in an allergic reaction or in a dog attack because that has more probability to occur rather than a shark attack. In this guide, we will talk about the methods and techniques that can help you in preventing or surviving in shark attacks.

Avoid Areas Where Sharks Are Likely To Feed

There are some hotspots where there is a probability of occurrence sharks are more like places for fishing or boating, where injured fishes or their guts and blood can be found these things can attract a shark. Other most dangerous areas include:

There is a good chance to find sharks at river channels and mouths where they can find dead animals, fishes, and food that are flowing towards the oceans. This makes the place hotspot for the existence of sharks.

As we know small fishes exist in the areas where the sewage enters the water so it can also attract sharks. Other places like sandbars and deep channels, the probability of occurrence

of sharks are more to catch the fishes that wander out from shallow.

Look For Warning Signs

If there was a shark attack on the in previous days then there will be a sign board on the beach or even they can close the beach for few days. In both the cases come back another day.

Stay Out Of The Water During Prime Hunting Times

Sharks generally hunt at dusk, dawn and nights so its better to avoid surfing at this time.

Avoid Murky Water

We are saying to avoid surfing in murky water because it can confuse the shark in between a pray and human being. As we all know visibility is low in cloudy waters so you should avoid surfing there.

Consider Surfing In Areas Dense With Kelp

The adult sharks especially the great white ones avoid going in kelp forests.

Take A Break During The Month Of October

According to many experts, sharks come closer to land during the month of October for giving birth. So its better to avoid surfing in this month.

Surf With Friends

If you are surfing alone then the chances of shark attacks are more because sharks love to attack individuals. Even if you are surfing with friends then in the case of shark attack one friend can reach the shore and inform the rescue team about the attack.

Avoid Looking Like Prey

As per mentioned in studies sharks cant see colors but they can easily see the contrast. Fish scales shines when sunlight fall on it, so you should avoid wearing a color that shines in sunlight because it can attract sharks. Avoid colors like orange, white and yellow. Never wear jewelry items and always stick to wetsuits and blond colors.

Don’t Enter The Water With Any Cuts Or Open Wounds

If you have any wound on your body then get out of the water immediately. A shark gets attracted from 1/3 of a mile away from the spot from where the blood is flowing.

Many experts say women who are going from menstruation should avoid swimming for that period of time. Blood from menstruation dont attract sharks but other fluid might attract them.

Try To Keep The Shark In Your Sights At All Times

Always keep an eye on sharks actions if it is showing aggressive behavior better to move quickly on a rock or towards the shore.

Try To Use Your Surfboard As A Buffer

Use the surf board for protecting your front body and sides. Make a shield using your surf board. It can prevent sharks from taking you deep inside the water.

Defend Yourself Aggressively

Dont be like a dead person if a shark attacks you. Use your surf boards for protecting yourself. Aim for hitting the eye or nose of the shark. Dont use your hands as it can be injured from the teeths of the shark.

Stop The Bleeding

Maximum of the sharks attacks a surfer only if they find that surfer is a pray. They let it go if they found that they are not their regular high-fat meals. Its better to get out of the water as quickly as possible.

Get Out Of The Water And Seek Immediate Medical Attention If Attacked

Now your life will totally dependent on the medical attention that you will get. Find someone to help you as soon as possible and call 911. Send your friend to call the lifeguard.

There are simple and basis ways to prevent shark attacks. We hope these tips will help you in saving someones life if he or she found in such problem. Do comment what other things we can do to prevent shark attacks. Spread this article on social to make more and more peoples aware.

Recent White Shark Attack Stories [PEOPLES SHARING EXPERIENCES]

We usually hear in news about the surfer shark attacks in all around the world. Surfer is bitten by sharks badly and there body parts gets damaged. In this post, we will be show you recent white shark attacks Stories and experiences of peoples.

Here Is The List Of White Shark Attacks Stories

First Warning From Shark Researchers For More Shark Attacks In Australia

Our first shark attack story is a guy named Cooper Allen from Australia. He was the ninth person this year who was bitten by sharks this year and he is the fourth person who was a target in Ballina, in NSW in last 2 years.

Cooper said, firstly southern area of WA was the hot spot for shark attacks, now the northern coast mainly in Ballina region is the main point for attacks. His leg got injured when he was bitten by a shark.

In a recent study shark researchers given a warning to the peoples of Australia for being prepared for more shark attacks. A researcher Daryl McPhee from Bond University said after the USA, Australia is at second number in case of surfer shark attacks. There are a hell lot of shark attack victims in Australia and the count is still increasing.

As per the research was done by Dr McPhee the number of shark attacks in between 1982 to 2016 at the worlds top hot spots including USA, Reunion Island, Australia, Brazil, Bahamas and south Africa is as follow:

  • USA 548
  • Australia 199
  • South Africa 146
  • Brazil 74
  • Bahamas 48
  • Reunion Island – 37


This data of these six countries is 84% of the shark attacks done all around the web.

Steadily increase in Australian surfer shark attacks.

In the few types of research, it if found that there is a steady increase in attacks in Australia where as in South Africa it is at the same level. He said, Mainly there are three species of large sharks present there.

“We’ve got the three key shark species present, the three large shark species,” he said.

Most of the attacks were from Bull, tiger and white sharks.  The number of white sharks is increasing and they are protected said, Dr McPhee. Different peoples provide sources that there is a certain increase in the population of white sharks and they are saying this because they have certain anecdotal information.

Also, there is a certain increase in the population of humpback whales that migrate along Australia’s east coast because of key food source. As the number of sea lions is increasing in Western Australia it has the very correlation with it. Dr McPhee said, “where there is pray you will find predators, same as it was on Australias west coast. As we know shark bites attract a lot of attention from media still the risk of getting bitten is very less.

Second – Leg Surgery Saves The Life Of A Teen Who Was Bitten In Shark Attack In The Bahamas

A teen from Chicago had a deadly encounter with a shark when he was on vacations in the Bahamas. He was forced to under leg surgery when he was just 15-years old.

Johny Stoch was snorkelling in the Bahamas with his family when he met with this incident.  Johny said, After kicking on its nose, it went up on me again and then let it go and swam

away. Johnys father said, There is a shark, his mother starts scream hysterically.

He said, A foot wide grey head that was on my leg, I saw it first. His mother jumped to save him and she tried to push him in the boat and get him out of waster because blood is spilt everywhere in the water.

When the shark attacks Johny he started swimming as fast as he can towards the boat. His father John has seen a maximum of his sons injury when Johny was swimming towards the boats.

Because the large chunk was missing doctors were forced to reconstruct it. Johny said, I felt like my leg is no more but after coming it wasnt. Johny feels grateful to still be alive after such an incident. He said thanks to the doctor who saved his leg with tears in his eyes.

Even after such accident, he said, He dont hate sharks because there was not any mistake done by shark. He is still a big fan of sharks.

Third – Punching On Sharks GILLS And His Nursing Skills Saved His Life

Joseph Tanner was well prepared that if a shark attacks on him then he will save his life. That day he was resting his body on dangling and arms on board, at that very moment, he felt he has been pulled into the water and he has been grabbed by someone.

He immediately comes to know that he has been attacked by a white shark. He said, My leg was in its mouth completely. He didnt get panic and he started punching in air.

When he opened his eyes, all he saw was its gills in front of him. He was unable to reach its nose or eyes for punching. Then he started punching the gills.

Shark released his leg and he screamed towards the fellow surfers to make them aware about the shark. With mangled leg, he started paddling towards the shore.

He was scared and he felt that shark would attack him again while following his blood.

Even being hit by the shark Tanner was able to drag himself 200 metres and then a wave took him to the shore Indiana Beach, near Portland, Oregon.

It was not the end of his bravery.

Tanner was enough conscious that his nursing skills helped the rescuers to rescue his injury.

First of all, he said use t-shirt for making tourniquet but that was not tight enough so he said to take leash from his surfboard. On the arrival of ambulance, he said, cut of my wet suit so that his paramedics can hook up an IV and he gave his blood type to them.

With the help of helicopter, he was taken to Legacy Emanual Medical Centre and he was treated by his colleagues.

He remembers that he was in trauma bay and hos two co-workers were on his both sides. They were looking like an angel because of lights and drapes. When he saw their faces then he took breathe of relied.

His life was saved after several surgeries but a 26-inch long bite has been left on his leg which starts from his thighs and ends up at ankle.

He said, Other surfer should also learn from my experience by knowing their blood type and wearing thick wetsuits.

Fourth Man Was Happy Even After Bitten By Shark Because He Is Still Alive

Even after bitten by a shark a surfer said, I am enjoying being alive and I am happy.

He was surfing at Cape Byron that is 484 miles from Sydney and a shark came and knocked him off from his surf board.

He says a fish which is small has left 3 wounds on left leg. 36 years old Mr Fitzpatrick was able to get away from shark and he swam to the shore with a wound on his leg and damaged the board.

“When I touch my leg I get panic because my leg was slick with blood, he said.

He said this was the third reported shark attack in the area in one month. Mr Fitzpatrick said the three puncture wounds on his leg that have been stitched at hospitals not scary as compare to the damage that has been done to his new surf board.

Mr Fitzpatrick refused the proposal from state government as they were expecting to propose six-month net trails for deployment of sharks to stops shark attacks in NSW as he doesn’t want to disturb the marine life. Police had closed the all the beaches for few days.

Fifth A Shark Killed Kitesurfer After He Savaged In Water Falling From Board

A shark attacks a kitesurfer and he falls from his board into the sea.

The man in 50s was celebrating holidays in New Caledonia, Australia and in South Pacific he get savaged.

The rescue team was sent to save his life but they were unable to help him. The man has been eaten up to thighs said the head of archipelago’s marine rescue coordination centre.

He said, The man was surfing inside the reef at Koumac and he was bitten when I fell down.

He was bitten deep on his thighs but we were unable to detect what species it was.

Our rescue team tried to save him. We gave him heart massage but it was too late.

In New Caledonia, its the second shark attack of the year. In last one year, there were 98 sharks attacks totally all around the world. This is the largest number of attack that has been recorded by Florida University, which is collecting data since 1958.

This count can be affected by the change in water temperature which is caused by a change in climate that can change the habits of sharks.


Those stories may scare you all but there are many stories that will motivate you and let you know how to tackle such situations, Do share this article on social media and with your friends.